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Nipple Torture

Yes, these are titcakes!
One thing I love about nipples is...they are so sensitive! Nipples can take a lot of abuse and yet deliver so much pain at the same time...a sadists' delight, really.  Nipples are an erogenous zone for women training her right can make nipple torture all the more fun. You just have to keep certain safety points in mind to play safe.

Nipples are actually designed to be bitten and twisted. Not by me but by evil breast feeding babies...but I'll take that design feature and run with it. ;)  Unlike other parts of the breast, the nipples are remarkably built for abuse. The skin around the areola (come on spell check! That's right!) is one of the fastest healing tissues in the body too.

And if God did want them to be abused so much, she wouldn't have put so many nerve endings in them! The meridian lines goes through the breast for those fond of Eastern practices and the same nerve that connects to the clit...goes through the yeah...playing with a girl's nipples is definitely an erogenous zone (interestingly, men's nipple nerves are not connected to his penis.)   So a good little pain slut quickly learns to associate the pain of nipple clamps with being turned on.

So what is the best way to torture nipples? So many ways. You can squeeze them, twist them, squeeze then twist,  and bite them.  But you can also flog or cane them too <3   But my all favorite thing is using clover nipple clamps. The squeeze so tight and hard. And leaving them on over actually grows in pain. Very nice.

You can also do some needle play and put sterilized needles through the nipples for added fun.

She has to keep her legs in the air to stop the pulley from
pulling the rope attached to her nipples
But using a variety of clamps is my favorite thing. I like to see how many clamps I can put on just one breast!

And the best way to take it up a notch is by using clamps attached to the breasts for predicament bondage.  Basically, you tie the clamps off to a tie point where she is in an awkward position.  If she moves too much one way...say an anal hook will pull on her uncomfortably.   And if she moves the other way...a pulley transfers that motion into pulling on the rope attached to her nipple clamps.  That's why I love the clover clamps! As they pull they tighten and squeeze harder!

Another way to accomplish this is add weights to the clamps so they swing and sway as she moves, pulling on the clamps on her tits. So be sure to have some weights handy.  An easy weight is simply a metal shower curtain rod with some metal washers and nuts slipped on it -- all available from your local hardware store.
Do this as often as possible.

And, again, you do want to train her enjoy the pain so it's always best to stimulate her while she's in
pain.  Nothing, I mean nothing, beats a sybian -- so if you can afford one, use that!  And be sure to be consistent with your use of both pain and pleasure at the same time...the first 25 times you clamp her nipples you should be vibing the hell out of her clit and making her cum.

So clamps hurt more and more the longer they are on.  Great. But you know when they hurt the most? When you take them off!! So she can be begging me to take them off...and I'm thinking, "Yes, yes babe, I will hurt you more."  You see, the blood flows back into the nipple and improves circulation to the nerve...meaning it transmits more pain!

Of course, I enjoy explaining this to a slave so she can anticipate the coming pain when I remove the clamp.  And another way to amplify the pain sensation is to rub and massage the nipple immediately after removing the clamp.

One final note: after she cums...her pain tolerance can go way way down so those clamps that felt so damn good a minute ago are now excruciating. So be nice and take them off after she cums. Or not.

While nipples are fast healing and made for abuse, you have to be careful not to damage the nerve in there.  To protect it, never leave a nipple clamp on for more than 15 minutes. Use a timer and take it off before you hit 15 min.  It's a good idea to move the clamps around more frequently than that anyway as it hurts her more.

I know there are a lot of breast torture videos out there but a word of caution there from a story I heard within the community. A young 21 year old girl was bound and hung by her breasts and, failing to support her weight, tore away from the rib cage.  This added 40 years of sag instantly and I would consider this 'breaking your toys' and a complete and utter fuck up. So, for the love of God don't do that!

Ok, back to the nipple nerve. Sometimes you can place the clamp right on the nerve in a way that is extremely painful to her. If you get it just right, it will hurt like a son-of-a-bitch...but it also can't be left on for very long at all as the nerve can be damaged more quickly like this.  Mostly you can tell by the level of pain and discomfort.  If she normally can take the clamps for 5 minute easily and is squirming and begging to have it off in 30 are probably on it. It's a good idea to move it to protect her you can keep giving her the pain she craves.

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Mastering Power

The source of a Master's power comes from many forms...but the most important form is being awesome. But there are several key areas that must be addressed in what makes a Master a I will discuss the source of a Masters power and authority. A Master draws his power from his specialized knowledge, his creativity, from his ability to predict his slave's emotional responses, confidence, from his ability to reward or punish, from agreements you have with your master, and from just plain sex appeal. 

Specialized Knowledge.  A Master requires so much more knowledge and specialized skills over any other typical relationship that's its ridiculous to compare the two. A Master may learn about flogging techniques, rope bondage, fire play, figging, watersports, enemas, electrical play, squirting techniques, mental bondage, hypnosis, needles and bloodplay for a brief list off the top of my head.  And he has to know these well enough to perform them with confidence and safely. So yeah, his specialized knowledge is a big source of power. He can do things to her that other guys haven't even seen done in porn vids.  And her craving a source of his power.

Creativity. Let's face it, Masters are usually of above average intelligence and their kinky minds are always turning and figuring out great new ways to be deviant. A slave that gets used to the perverse variety oozing from her Master's soul soon grows addicted to the new and interesting things her Master is constantly trying on her. Variety is the spice of life and a good Master is always switching it up (no pun intended.)

Ability to predict his slave's state. A good Master is predictive of his slave's mental and emotional state and is always aware of it.  As he learns her ins and outs, he soon begins to play her like a violin -- calculating the effects and changes to her state from each action...playing with her (while learning more about her.) All of this attention and slave specific knowledge becomes are massive powerbase.

Confidence.  A Master must be confident in his own abilities and more importantly, express this confidence. A Master should exude confidence.  I will give a specific article to illustrate this point. This is from my most favorite magazine, New Scientist and it is an article call, Humans Prefer Cockiness to Expertise.  In it, it explains that the vast majority of people will go with the most assured and confident opinion holder over the guy who admits his right answer may be wrong. So scientists who says, "Well, no, I can say for sure that global warming has been caused by these factors" gets totally gunned down by a cocky son-of-a-bitch who is sure it's all bullshit! The difference is, the scientist is completely convinced internally because there's a 99% chance that it's true and all the evidence points that way -- but he's a trained scientist and so always has doubt. Meanwhile, the cocky son-of-a-bitch thought about it for 10 seconds and decided it was wrong. But he can convince 80% of the people to believe him because he has astounding confidence.   It doesn't matter the subject, people always choose the person with confidence over the guy with the facts (and the right answer.) Consider that when you want people to follow you. Confidence is social power.

Rewards.  Ahhhh, the sweet honey of power. Positive reinforcement through rewards and controlling what the slave desires most...and then giving it to her if she's good. That's powerful.

Punishment.  Yes, you can also wield power over a slave through the coercive power of inflicting punishment. However, a lot of noobs and rookie Doms think this is the key to their power...and it is, in my opinion, one of the least powerful forms of power a Dom has. Unless you're a dick who is into abusive relationships and trying to bully and control the girl that way. But generally speaking, having a slave fear and hate you -- is not the kind of slave relationship that really lights my fire. So I use this power sparingly. (Note: I am a bit of sadist so...not that sparingly. ha ha.) 

Agreements. A Master and slave can enter into contracts where they both agree to certain standards and practices...and this too can be a form of power.  Hell, a Master can even get Power of Attorney over his slave...which is a very real legal form of power. So holding your slave to the agreements and commitments she's made to you can be a great way to inspire her to get to the next level...and this is a power you can hold over her.

Sex Appeal. A Master can also so damn sexy and attractive that the slave will gush and want to do anything to please him. I won't speak on how to achieve this state...but if you have it, goddamn it's powerful as you control so much of the slave's actions just based on her desire to please you. 

Orgasm Control

Orgasm control should be a part of slave training.  As a Master, you are in charge of your slave's sexuality. It is that simple.  You are in control of if and when she cums, who she fucks and  how often.  This is an essential part of controlling her very being...and, in my humble opinion, this is what slaves desire above all else.  So be sure to give it to them.

There are many methods that a Master can employ in order to gain control over her orgasms:

1) Forced Masturbation. This a favorite of mine. The Master forces the slave to cum many times a day, every day.  He directs her as to the methods employed (use a magic wand for example) and what kind of porn to look at while she touches herself. Of course, this also determines the number of times or the amount of time she spends masturbating.  I like a number between 20 and 40 for my daily orgasm quota.

2) Masturbation without orgasm. A Master can also have the slave get herself in an constant state of arousal but not allow her any release (except perhaps on his cock?)  This method has the slave masturbating several times a day almost to orgasm and then she has to stop. Or you can make her touch herself for an hour -- bringing herself to the edge as many times as she can...but never being allowed to go over the edge.

3) Tie and Tease.  A Master should also take a hands on approach. So the Master can bind her so her legs are spread and she can't move and then stimulate her (I like to use the magic wand here) so while ordering her strictly not to cum.  She has to hold herself back from orgasm under threat of severe punishment. As you see here about to fail and cum...pull it away -- and maybe slap her face to help her not go over the edge.  

4) Cumming on Command. You can use the tie and tease  method above so that she learns to cum on command too! Make it so she has to wait for you to give the order to cum before she can be released. A wonderful benefit of this is training her to beg for the chance to orgasm. God that's hot!  Do the teasing right and she will be begging you with every ounce of her soul to cum.

5) Forced Shejaculation. If a Master can't be around to watch the fun you can force her to shejaculate (female ejaculate aka squirting). This way, when the Master returns home he can see the proof that she's been a good little girl when she presents him with a bowl of her liquid orgasms.  I like the proof method as it gives her something tangible to work to towards...she is physically creating something she can hold and give to you.

6) Chastity. A Master can also go to the opposite extremes and deny her the ability to cum at all or even to touch herself.  This method can employ the use of devices like chastity belts with a lock on it so that she has no access to her pussy for self-stimulation.  I am not a huge fan of this method as my kink is getting more and more orgasms out of her...not denying her. But this can be extremely effective to make a slave nuts for a few days after she's been cumming 40 times a day for months: the shock of not cumming at all for a few days can turn her into a raving nympho...which is what every Master should aspire to create!

7) Timed Release.  Basically, the way I like to do this is tell the slave a specific time later on in the day that she can cum for you...that she will have to cum in front of you and for you.  Then you order her to go masturbate almost to orgasm 3 times ...while she knows full well that she won't get to cum till that evening at 8pm in front of you. This gets her all aroused and horny for the rest of the day so she'll be thinking about cumming for you all day long.

A word of warning here. This can and will get very intimate and intense for her. You are toying with the very core of her sexual being and she will become emotionally and physically attached to you -- needing your words and direction.  Do not do this casually with a slave you don't really care about --as it will create an emotionally dependent slave that if you disgard haphazardly, she will be crushed and ruined for other Masters (or at least, those other Masters will have to spend way too much time undoing your fuckups.)   So don't do this! 

I repeat: orgasm control is very emotional and her emotional safety is at risk so only do this with a slave you care deeply for.  This is emotionally powerful stuff here, so treat her with respect! 

Leaked Photo Scandal Of Actress Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby is an American film and TV actress. The said hot Actress released her Photos on web a couple of days ago.she is best known for her heading part as Liz Parker in the TV arrangement Roswell. Her film credits incorporate A Time for Dancing, where she was one of the two female primary characters; Swimfan; Havoc with Anne Hathaway; and Charlie Wilson's War with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Watch these Leaked Nude Photos of Shiri Appleby.



In 2008, Shiri Appleby joined the throws of the last season of ER, playing an understudy named Daria Wade, before featuring as Cate Cassidy in the CW show Life Unexpected that ran for two seasons. In the mid year of 2012, she featured as Lucy in the comic drama Dating Rules from My Future Self. Appleby presently visitor stars on the NBC acting piece Chicago Fire and HBO American TV arrangement Girls.


Appleby as of late went topless on a scene of the hit HBO show, which has some prescribing the uncovering pic may be an exposure stunt, in spite of the fact that its farfetched recognizing the show's season finale publicized Sunday night.
The 34-year-old star's rep did not react to ask for remark, despite the fact that we're pretty certain its Shiri in the pic. Obviously, Internet selfie watchdogs additionally recognized particular markings in the picture to guarantee the shot is genuine.

When she entered secondary school, she enjoyed a little reprieve and participated in Yearbook, Student Council, and Cheerleading. In 1997, she moved on from Calabasas High School, where she was voted "Most Spirited" by her class. Parts on "seventh Heaven" (1996) and "City Guys" (1997) emulated. Thereafter, Shiri selected at the University of Southern California, where she moved toward enjoying a reprieve from acting and contemplating English.



Fans loved their favorite Shiri Applyby In Girls. Good luck for this Hot Actress for providing a spice to her fans. Check out more Hot Photos of Actresses and share your comments.

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